Commitment to ending stereotype of European transport workers

May 25, 2017 - 13:44

The need to engage the ‘non-traditional’ face of modern transport workers in Europe has been embraced during two conferences of the European Transport Workers’ Federation this week.

Ahead of their 5th ordinary Congress in Barcelona this week the ETF held its women and youth conference.

The aim was to set out the priorities and objectives of the departments as well as electing new representatives to the committees.

Libertad Alcocer from Spanish union CCOO was elected the new women’s youth representative. She said: “I’m really pleased to be taking up this role. All the things we’ve been talking about here at the women’s conference – gender equality, training and education on issues that impact women workplaces, violence in our workplaces – those are all real things that workers need unions to support them in dealing with. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Hot topics for the youth conference included the European employment crisis, digitalisation and climate change.

During the climate change session James Stevens from Unite the Union, UK commented: “Exploitation is what it really comes down to, exploitation of workers and exploitation of the planet. We want and need to be, enthusing young people and inspiring them to take action around the lack of social responsibility in the market both for workers and for the environment. People have a right to live a decent life, to have a job that allows them to develop, to provide for their families and to give something positive to their community. That’s the bottom line.”