ETF is the voice of European transport workers

May 24, 2017 - 16:41

“Men and women in the transport sector are the arteries of an economic system moving people and goods around Europe and the world.” That from Javier Pacheco, secretary general of CCOO de Catalunya who was one of the speakers at the opening of #ETF2017 congress this morning. 

Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Janet Sanz thanked the ETF for its contribution to defending community and humans rights and for contributing to a fair and sustainable transport model. She went on to speak about the value of trade unions to the City of Barcelona. 

European Union Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc also addressed the congress calling for open dialogue over the changing face of work as a result of digitalisation, the economic crisis, demographic and social trends being experienced in Europe and an ageing workforce. 

ETF Vice-President Alex Kirchner commented: “Neoliberalism is no longer considered as a solution, while there is no recognition that it’s leading Europe into the wrong direction. Only when social partners – the EU and the ETF – work together better social standards can be achieved. The EU should not listen to trade unions who want to achieve so-called job security through bad conditions. ETF is the voice of transport workers in Europe, free from nationalism and neoliberalism, and will ensure its positions and demands are well understood by the European Commission.”

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