ETF Youth Conference puts young workers at the core of European trade unionism

May 6, 2017 - 19:08

The ETF Youth Committee has worked hard to prepare the ETF Youth Conference that takes place back to back with the ETF 2017 Congress in Barcelona. On 22 and 23 May the ETF Youth Committee will present to Conference the works achieved in the past mandate, and in particular on the main topics of its work programme for the mandate 2013-2017: European economic crisis, gender equality and climate change.

The Committee will also present recommendations for the next Youth Committee on how to organise themselves in order to ensure an effective and efficient cooperation among the members and with the ETF Youth Network. The draft work programme for the coming mandate will be discussed and presented for adoption on the second day of the Conference. That day will also allow time to discussions on how to improve the internal rules to anticipate to difficulties encountered in the first mandate. The conference will close with the election of the new ETF Youth Committee and young women representative as well as the nomination of the European representatives in the ITF Youth Committee.

On the second day of Congress, Thursday 25 May, they will present to Congress the conclusions of the Youth Conference. But the young transport workers will also be visible throughout the congress. A small team of young workers will assist the Congress participants with recording with their smartphone short video interviews of the delegates asking about their appreciation of the past mandate, the expectations for the ETF Congress as well as to look ahead at the transport sector in the coming years. All Congress participants are warmly encouraged to share their views in the video interviews which will be featured on the ETF Congress website and ETF YouTube channel.