#ETF2017 congress in the press

May 25, 2017 - 13:49

Journalists gathered at the #ETF2017 congress venue in Barcelona to hear from ETF and ITF leaders about the aims of the event and the role of the two organisations in the ongoing Spanish port reform dispute. ETF Spanish affiliates FSC.CCOO and FESMC-UGT addressed the press to update them on the latest developments.

ETF general secretary Eduardo Chagas, Vice President Ekaterina Yordanova and ITF president Paddy Crumlin spoke about the role of transport workers in establishing a strong and sustainable future for Europe.

Eduardo Chagass: “ETF 2017 Congress will define the pathway for the next mandate, the priorities of work for ETF and how to achieve the objective to obtain fair transport in Europe. Our Congress involves and engages all affiliates, youth and women, in its policy making with a bottom-up approach as the best recipe for strong unions, a strong ETF, a strong organisation that has the capacity to move Europe forward.”

ETF Dockers’ Chair Terje Samuelsen and Vice-Chair Torben Seebold attended the press conference and confirmed to the journalists the strong international solidarity with the Spanish dockers. Crumlin also spoke on the efforts by the Spanish government to ‘reform’ the way labour is supplied to ports in the country saying: “We won’t accept what is essentially a union busting exercise.”

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