TiSA fringe for calling on unions to mobilise

May 25, 2017 - 15:12

European transport unions met at an #ETF2017 congress fringe event to hear the latest on the Trade in Services Agreement or TiSA as it’s more commonly known.

It’s a deal that has been negotiated by 22 countries plus the EU-28 member states. The ETF and ITF see it as being secretive, anti-democratic and it would remove power over workers’ jobs and conditions from citizens and governments and put it in the hands of multinational corporations. Tanja Buzek (ver.di) urged unions to mobilise now while there is a delay in negotiations around the agreement.

In cooperation with the ETF the ITF has produced an in depth report and launched a campaign on TiSA to arm ETF and ITF unions with the information and materials they need to fight back against it. Find out more here: tisameanstrouble.org