XPO model is scary but we’re not going away

May 25, 2017 - 15:06

The ITF campaign to fight back against the anti-worker activities of global logistics company XPO has been the topic of an #ETF2017 fringe event.

Global efforts to support workers across America who are calling for safe workplaces, affordable health care, decent wages and the right to organise were highlighted during the event. Jeff Farmer from the Teamsters union said the goal was to have every XPO worker as a member of a trade union all across the US.

The ETF efforts in setting up a European Works’ Council for XPO will reinforce and unite the XPO workforce across Europe and as such will establish the necessary union leverage to put a hold on further attacks on the erosion of working conditions.

ITF Inland transport section head Noel Coard said XPO has a ‘shameful’ track record on workers’ rights and a ‘scary’ model of aggressive behaviour towards trade unions and workers. But he said there is more determination than ever to fight back and that the ITF is not going away! Find out more about the ITF work to support XPO workers here.